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State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), newly established through the merger of China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Central Government with a registered capital of RMB 45 billion an...

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Innovative creation, continuous striving and harmonious development


SPIC treats innovative creation as its trait。 SPIC encourages all-round innovation and integrates innovation into all aspects of its technologies, products, regulations, organizations, cultures, conceptions, etc。 SPIC advocates innovative creation among all employees to make it a unique personality of SPICers。

SPIC treats continuous striving as its soul. The essence of continuous striving is the mental states of keeping forging ahead, the passion of selfless contribution to work, the teamwork spirit of collective success, the strong will of surmounting difficulties and the sense of mission and responsibility.

SPIC treats harmonious development as its pursuit。 SPIC exerts itself to keep harmonious relationships with different parties, lays stress on teamwork and spares no effort to seek win-win cooperation。

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