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State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), newly established through the merger of China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Central Government with a registered capital of RMB 45 billion an...

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Scientific and rigorous corporate governance according to law


The key of corporate governance according to law is to run the business, make decisions and protect corporate rights according to the laws and regulations, and pay close attention to legal risk prevention, so as to make sure everything is within the limits of law。

The key of scientific corporate governance is to follow the rules of corporate operation and development, set up a sophisticated modern corporate governance system with advanced philosophy and methodology, so as to ensure rigorous, scientific and efficient management activities.

The key of rigorous corporate governance is to comply with provisions and regulate corporate management with specific codes and procedures, so as to set up strictly-defined responsibilities, standards, and procedures with rigorous implementation and evaluation。

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