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State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), newly established through the merger of China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Central Government with a registered capital of RMB 45 billion an。。。

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All risks are controllable; all violations are preventable; all accidents are avoidable.


All risks are controllable: risk exists anytime anywhere. It is a must to identify correctly, analyze carefully, and respond scientifically in order to control risks;

江苏快3All violations are preventable: violation stems from negligence and "luck" mentality。 It is a must to tighten procedures, standardize working processes, and give correct instructions in order to prevent violations;

All accidents are avoidable: accident arises from accumulation of hidden perils。 It is a must to find out laws, improve management, and diminish hidden perils in order to avoid accidents。

It is a must to have querying attitudes, rigorous working methods and the habit of inter-communication, and to comply with the requirements of corporate and nuclear safety culture。

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