About SPIC

State Power Investment Corporation Limited(SPIC) was established in May 2015 through the merger of China power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation. Oriented by incorporating a state-owned capital investment company, SPIC is striving to become a pioneer in SOE transformation through building a new group with high standards and a high starting point.


SPIC is one of China's top five power generators, an integrated energy group with power as its core. It has a total installed capacity of 126 GW, including 72。43GW of thermal power, 22.03GW of hydropower, 4.48 GW of nuclear power, 11.66GW of solar power and 13.73 GW of wind power, with clean energy accounting for 45.14% of the total, demonstrating a distinctive clean development feature. It supplies 422.6 TWh of power and 171 million GJ of heat per annum. It also owns a coal production capacity of 78.6 million tons per year (t/y), aluminum smelting capacity of 2.49 million t/y and railway transportation line of 627 km.


Being one of China's three nuclear power developers and operators, SPIC owns a number of nuclear power plants (NPPs) under construction or in operation, such as Hongyanhe NPP in Liaoning Province, and Haiyang and Rongcheng NPPs in Shandong Province. It has also reserved several project sites in both inland and coastal areas of China. SPIC is the main entity, carrier and platform for the self-reliant innovation of the Gen III nuclear power technology, and the leading entity for the national science and technology major project of large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor (PWR). Enjoying full industry chain and strong technological capabilities in the R&D, design, construction, operation and management of NPPs as well as manufacturing of nuclear power equipment and materials, it pursues a noble cause of self-reliant innovation, industrialization and internationalization of China’s Gen III nuclear power.


SPIC has been a Fortune Global 500 company for five consecutive years, ranking the 368nd江苏快3 in 2017. It has a registered capital of RMB 45 billion (USD 6.49 billion), total assets of RMB 1001.2 billion (USD 126.3 billion) and employees of 140,000. It holds nine listed companies and public limited companies, two of which are red chip companies traded in Hong Kong while five offer A-shares in mainland China. SPIC attained profits of RMB 13.21 billion (USD 1.9 billion) in 2016, ranking the first among China's top five power generators in terms of net profits.


SPIC is committed to global businesses. It has presence in 41countries such as Japan, Australia, Malta, India, Turkey, South Africa, Pakistan, Brazil and Myanmar, with businesses covering power project investment, technical cooperation, EPC, etc. SPIC has 115MW of controllable overseas projects in operation and 10.05 GW under construction. In 2017, SPIC successfully obtained A2, A and A- international credit ratings from Moody’s, Fitch Ratings and Standard & Poor’s respectively and issued USD 1.2 billion overseas bonds for the first time.

Looking forward, as China’s economy steps into the “new normal”, SPIC is committed to implementing the central government’s strategic plan on deepening the reform of SOEs and restructuring nuclear energy enterprises。 By expanding its energy markets at home and abroad, SPIC aims at becoming an international innovative and integrated energy group and modern SOE, which is driven by innovation of nuclear power and other advanced energy technologies and focus on clean energy development with the objective of becoming a state-owned capital investment company。

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