Environmental Protection

Environmental Protection

SPIC Yuanda Environmental Protection Co。, Ltd。 is a listed company held by SPIC and specialized in energy saving and environmental protection。 The stock is abbreviated as “Yuanda Environmental Protection” and the stock code is 600292。

Yuanda Environmental Protection focuses on energy conservation and environmental protection. Yuanda has four value chains, i.e. engineering construction, investment and operation, equipment manufacture and technical service. The scope of business covers more than 10 sectors, including desulfurization, denitrification and dust removal project EPC, desulfurization and denitrification franchise, manufacture of denitrification catalyst and dust remover, nuclear environment protection, water affairs, energy conservation and Internet. The business is spread over 27 provinces, cities and municipalities in China as well as many foreign countries like India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam and Russia.

Yuanda Environmental Protection owns China’s largest untreated gas comprehensive test base, leading denitrification catalyst production line, the first set of ten thousand ton class gas CO2 catching device, largest active coke dry desulfurization and denitrification test rig and the first PM2.5 control technology pilot plant test system in the coal-fired power station. The completed catalyst detection center is China’s first catalyst detection test approved by global labs. It owns two super clean emission technologies. It is one of the three Chinese companies having the design qualifications in nuclear industry (nuclear facility decommission and three radioactive wastes treatment). It owns 42 core environment protection processes and technologies, and has won 320 national patents including 77 invention patents.

By the end of 2016, the total assets of Yuanda Environmental Protection stood at RMB 8.7 billion yuan (USD 1.25 billion) and annual revenue RMB 3.3 billion yuan (USD 476 million). It owns 25 subsidiaries and has completed environmental protection works for a cumulative 200 GW power plants. Its production capacity of SCR catalyst is 10,500 m3/y; the cumulative capacity of De-SOx and De-NOx concession projects in operation amounts to 30 GW in total.

China’s largest flue gas experiment base and a 10,000 t/y liquefied carbon capture facility.
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