Nuclear Power

Nuclear power

Being one of China’s three nuclear power developers and operators as well as the leading nuclear power technology supplier, SPIC is appointed by the State Council of China to accomplish the introduction, assimilation and self-reliant innovation of Gen III nuclear power technology.

From researching and designing China’s first NPP (Qinshan NPP) and first overseas NPP (Chashma NPP in Pakistan) to developing the world-leading Gen III Passive PWR CAP1400, SPIC is becoming a competitive player in the global nuclear power industry.

State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation (SNPTC), an industry group with majority shares held by SPIC, is the platform for consolidating nuclear power assets and businesses, which primarily include:

Nuclear power investment, development, construction and O&M;

introduction,assimilation, R&D, application and promotion of Gen III nuclear power technology AP1000; implementation of national science and technology major projects, such as R&D, application and promotion of advanced nuclear power technologies like CAP1400 and small modular reactors; operation and lifetime services for NPPs, manufacturing of nuclear power equipment and materials, etc.

Nuclear Power Development and Operation

SPIC owns a nuclear power capacity of 4,480 MW in operation and 4,740 MW under construction as a majority shareholder. It is also the minority shareholder of 1,080 MW nuclear power assets in operation, including Qinshan NPP Phases II and III, Jiangsu NPP, etc. Besides, SPIC owns a number of reserved project sites in both coastal areas of China like Bailong in Guangxi, Lianjiang in Guangdong, Lian Jiang in Fujian and inland areas like Pengze in Jiangxi, Chisong in Jilin, Xiaomoshan in Hunan and Fuling in Chongqing.

Planning and layout of SPIC’s main nuclear power projects: By 2020, the installed nuclear power capacity under construction and in operation will both reach 10 GW.

Hongyanhe NPP

SPIC and China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) are equal controlling shareholders of Hongyanhe NPP, which is located in Wafangdian, Dalian, Liaoning Province。 The project is planned to build six 1,000 MW class PWRs。 By now, Units 1 to 4 have been in commercial operation, while Units 5 and 6 are under construction in accordance with the schedule。

Introduction and Promotion of AP1000 Technology
Steadily proceed with the construction of self-reliant AP1000 projects

Four AP1000 units are being built in Sanmen, Zhejiang Province and Haiyang, Shandong Province (Units 1 and 2 of Sanmen NPP and Units 1 and 2 of Haiyang NPP), marking the largest Sino–US cooperation in energy technology。

Haiyang NPP

The largest Sino–US cooperation in energy technology

Samman NPP
Self-reliance program pays off—Mastering seven key technologies for AP1000 nuclear island (NI) construction and installation

SPIC has substantially localized the manufacturing of equipment and materials based on the experience gained during the assimilation of AP1000 technology and construction of self-reliant projects, and accomplished the localized AP1000 standard design (CAP1000 standard design) after enhancing the safety margin based on the lessons learned through the Fukushima accident, which strongly supports the big-volume construction of followup AP1000 projects.

Transfer of AP1000 technology substantially completed
AP1000 equipment and materials substantially localized

The average localization rate for the NI equipment of the four self-reliant project units reaches 55%, and that of the fourth unit, Haiyang Unit 2, reaches 72%. Comprehensive mastering of the manufacturing technology of AP1000 key equipment has strengthened the capabilities of the whole nuclear power equipment manufacturing industry.

Development and Promotion of CAP1400 Technology
CAP1400 demonstration project

The demonstration project, with majority equity held by SPIC,is located in Shidao Bay, Rongcheng, Shandong Province. It is the national science and technology major project of largescale advanced PWR, with the plan of constructing two CAP1400 PWRs.

Progresses in CAP1400 R&D

江苏快3On the basis of China’s over 40 years of experience in R&D,design, construction and operation of NPPs, combined with the introduction of AP1000 technology, SPIC developed the larger passive PWR NPP, CAP1400, with independent intellectual property rights. CAP1400 development and demonstration project has been listed one of the 16 National Science and Technology Major Projects.

CAP1400 design principles
  • ·Latest safety standards and requirements
  • ·Simplified system and proven components
  • ·Adoption of the passive safety systems and severe accident prevention and mitigation measures
  • ·Digital reactor protection system
  • ·Full-range probabilistic safety analysis
  • ·Modular design and construction
  • ·Design improvement from lessons learned in the Fukushima accident
Main innovative features of CAP1400
  • ·Independent, innovative design of reactor, steam generator (SG) and CV
  • ·Independent R&D of the low-leakage reactor core with 193 fuel assemblies and MOX fuel
  • ·Independent design of the advanced test loop system
  • ·Unit power 20% higher than that of AP1000
  • ·Low probability of reactor core meltdown
  • ·Supply capacity after 72 hours without human intervention
  • ·Ability to withstand the crash of a large commercial aircraft
  • ·Safety design needs no offsite emergency response
  • ·Mitigation of radioactivity at the source and better radioactive waste management system
  • ·Highly reliable I&C and protection system
  • ·Improvement of the overall system layout and the human-computer interface
Six test subjects

江苏快3CAP1400 project established six test subjects with altogether 17 key tests and constructed the world-class test loops. So far, all the key tests of CAP1400 have been completed. Test data validates that the design is scientific and advanced.

  • ·ACME test loop
  • ·SG separation test loop
  • ·FIV test loop
  • ·IVR test loop
  • ·Hydraulic simulation test loop
  • ·CERT

江苏快3As the world’s most powerful passive PWR, CAP1400’s safety, economics and environmental compatibility have reached world advanced level of Gen III nuclear power technology.

CAP1400 demonstration project site
Key milestones of CAP1400 demonstration project
CAP1400 going global

The safe and advanced CAP1400 technology, together with China’s competitive advantages in manufacturing and experience in localization and industrialization, has attracted intensive attention from clients in other countries interested in nuclear power development.

江苏快3SPIC is committed to the globalization of CAP1400. Up to date, the marketing of CAP1400 has achieved progress in South Africa and Turkey.

Chairman Wang Binghua meets with Minister Berat Albayrak for Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey
Development of Gen III Nuclear Power Industry Chain
Indigenous research and development of Gen III nuclear power equipment in the process

By organizing China’s equipment manufacturing enterprises, on the basis of technology introduction, SPIC strengthened localization of key equipment, overcame difficulties of independent innovation, and comprehensively mastered the R&D,design and manufacturing technology of key equipment and materials for AP1000 and CAP1400。 SPIC leapfrogged from Gen II to Gen III, which strongly supported the big-volume construction and international marketing of Gen III NPPs。Holding the concepts of “openness, cooperation, inclusion and win-win”, SPIC cooperates with suppliers at all phases of Gen III NPP construction, and has established a complete qualified supplier management system。

Cooperating with American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME), Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers(IEEE) and other partners, SPIC leads China’s equipment manufacturing industry to follow the requirements for advanced nuclear safety culture, learn and apply international advanced industrial standards and improve quality assurance system.

As of today, SPIC has 159 qualified suppliers at home and abroad, covering six fields of machinery, electrical, materials,engineering, I&C and operation service. The AP/CAP Gen III nuclear power supply chain, globally oriented and shared by China and international partners, has been established.

SPIC has developed the capacity of supplying required equipment and materials for construction of six to eight AP/CAP nuclear power units per year.
EPC for Gen III nuclear power projects

SPIC subsidiary State Nuclear Power Engineering Co. (SNPEC) has the National Certificate (Grade A) for Nuclear Engineering Supervision, the National Certificate (Grade A) for Equipment Supervision, and the Shanghai Municipal Certificate (Grade A) for Engineering Supervision of Mechanical and Electrical Installation.

SNPEC is responsible for the construction and management of four units of the AP1000 self-reliant projects (two for Sanmen and two for Haiyang) and AP1000 follow-up units (Lufeng NPP)。 It also undertakes the construction of CAP1400 self-reliant project。

Development of auxiliary industries for Gen III NPPs

To fill the gap of Gen III nuclear power technology and promote the upgrade of China’s nuclear power industry, SPIC increased inputs into the fields of module manufacturing, nuclear-grade zirconium production, digital reactor protection system development, etc. and made great progress. SPIC has set up the world’s first dedicated plant for AP1000 CV and modules, which is capable of fabricating the integrated head package (IHP), personnel air lock, equipment hatch and penetrations, etc. SPIC also built the first production line of nuclear-grade zirconium in China.

Technical support platform for the nuclear power industry

SPIC has established a complete disciplinary system covering 12 key technology fields, with four national-level and seven provincial- and ministerial-level scientific research institutes, eight certified national high- and new-technology enterprises,over 9,000 research and design personnel, and full capabilities in nuclear power R&D and design.

World-leading test and verification platform for Gen III nuclear power technology

Through the development of CAP1400 nuclear power technology, 22 test loops are constructed with advanced international standards, where six major test subjects are completed containing 17 key tests and independent tests for a total of 887 operating conditions. The safety and sophistication of CAP1400 is fully verified.

Advanced digital reactor I&C system

The independently-developed Nu series digital I&C system for NPPs is able to control 300 plus systems and nearly 10,000 sets of equipment, and exercise safety monitoring of and effective control over each equipment under operating conditions of the units

Key design analysis software for nuclear power with complete and independent intellectual property rights

SPIC developed China’s first software series sufficiently competent in Gen III NPP design and safety analysis with completely independent intellectual property rights—COSINE (COre and System INtegrated Engine for design and analysis)。 The package contains 15 pieces of nuclear power design software in eight categories, covering more than 80 functions offered by its international counterparts。

World-leading qualification platform for nuclear power equipment and materials

江苏快3The platform is capable of equipment qualification and test through facilities like loss-of-coolant accident (LOCA) test apparatus and high-parameter seismographic station. It meets the requirements for qualification of safety-related equipment and materials in the course of construction of AP/CAP NPPs and equipment localization.

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