Solar Power
Full Industry Chain of Solar Power

SPIC has the greatest total installed capacity of solar power in the world and owns a complete industry chain in PV power including R&D, planning and design, manufacturing of polysilicon, cells and modules, project construction, training, etc.

By the end of 2016, SPIC owned a solar power capacity of 7,118。4 MW, and has established large-scale new energy bases in Jiuquan, Gonghe, Golmud, Hami, Yancheng, etc。 SPIC’s solar power assets are located in 27 provinces and autonomous regions in China including Qinghai, Xinjiang, Hebei, Jiangsu, Gansu, etc。 (overseas assets excluded)。

江苏快3Through the coordinated operation of hybrid hydrosolar, hybrid wind-solar projects and research on key technologies, SPIC successfully solved the problems related to the volatility, randomness and intermittency of daily PV power output. SPIC also improved the quality of PV power output and the stability of grid operation, which filled the gap of key technologies for large-scale hybrid hydro-solar projects in the world.

Manufacturing of PV cells and modules

Presently, SPIC is capable of manufacturing polysilicons, wafers, cells and modules with facilities to produce 2,500 tons of polysilicons, 200 MW of wafers, 200 MW of cells and 200 MW of modules each year in Xining, Qinghai Province, and to produce 200 MW of cells and 100 MW of modules each year in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province。

President Xi Jinping visited the PV cell plant of the Xining Branch of SPIC Solar Power during his inspection in Qinghai Province in 2016.

Representative projects
Longyangxia Hybrid Hydro-Solar Project

With a total installed capacity of 850 MWp, the project makes best of the complementarities between hydropower and solar power and the quick adjustment ability of Longyangxia HPP to make up for the active output from the PV power plant, so as to improve power quality.

Golmud PV Power Plant

Located in the Golmud Gobi Desert, Golmud PV power plant is the largest one-off PV investment in the world, with an installed capacity of 500 MW.

Jiangsu Jianhu Solar Power Plant

The Jiangsu Jianhu Hybrid Fishery-Solar Project has an installed capacity of 66 MW。 The large-scale PV power plant was built on the local lake, intertidal zones and fish ponds。 Multipurpose use of land increases both the agriculture and fishery revenue, and improves the integrated utilization efficiency of land。

100 MW Gonghe Solar Power Test and Validation Base in Qinghai Province

江苏快3The 100 MW Gonghe Solar Power Test and Validation Base in Qinghai Province is a world first-class,inclusive,authoritative and industryleading solar power test and validation facility

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