Thermal Power

Thermal power
Investment and Operation

江苏快3High efficiency and large capacity to promote energy utilization. SPIC has a total installed capacity of 7145.69 MW from thermal power. Currently SPIC owns eight 1,000 MW class units, and forty-seven 600 MW class units, accounting for 56.89% of the total thermal power capacity, ranking the first among China’s top five generators.

Committed to clean development of thermal power。 100% of thermal power plants in operation are installed with De-SOx and De-NOx devices。 Ultra-low emission rehabilitation projects are being carried out with the target of reaching or even exceeding the emission standards of gas-fired power plants。

Energy-saving representative project: Tianji Power Plant

江苏快3Invested by SPIC subsidiary Shanghai Electric Power (SEP),Phases I and II of Tianji Power Plant successively won the Luban Prize, Classic Project of 35th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening Up and the Gold Award for National Quality Engineering. The project utilizes several energy-saving technologies with the reheat steam temperature 20 °C higher than that of standard ultra-supercritical (USC) units, effectively boosting energy-efficiency.

“Triple-thousand engineering” representative project: Pingwei Power Plant

Invested by SPIC subsidiary China Power International Holding (CPIH), Pingwei Power Plant (Phase III) is the world’s first project with 1,000 MW capacity per unit, 1,000 kV main transformer and 1,000 kV ultra-high voltage (UHV) transmission line at the same time. With a total capacity of 4,540 MW, it is the largest thermal power plant of SPIC.

Clean emission representative project: Caojing Power Plant

Caojing Power Plant of SEP is SPIC’s first thermal power plant with 1,000 MW units. It won the Gold Award for National Quality Engineering in 2011 and was listed as one of the classic projects during the past 30 years since the award was established. The clean emission project of Unit 2, identified by the National Energy Administration (NEA) as one of the 13 demonstration projects for environmental protection rehabilitation on coal-fired units, was put into operation in February 2015.

Representative project of circular economy

Huolinhe National Demonstration Industrial Cluster: Huolinhe Circular Economy Demonstration Project is listed as a national demonstration project. It takes efficient and circular utilization of resources as the core, “reduction of quantity, re-utilization and recycle” as the principle, and sets up the circular economy industrial cluster of coal, power, heat, aluminum, railway and port.

Classification of coal use.Low-grade coal is consumed on site to generate electricity for aluminum smelting; medium-grade coal is supplied to mine-mouth power plants, replacing coal transport with power transmission; high-grade coal is transported to fuel power plants near ports or railways. In this way, CO2 emission and loss of resources caused by coal transportation are sharply decreased.

Comprehensive utilization and conservation of water. SPIC establishes the three-level complementary way of water consumption: massive utilization of urban reclaimed water as the core consumption, maximum utilization of coal mine drainage as auxiliary consumption and minimum utilization of surface water as backup consumption, so as to reduce water consumption and protect the environment. The usage of urban reclaimed water and coal mine drainage is 3.65 million m3 and 1.5 million m3 per annum respectively

Cogeneration.Thermal power plants generate electricity for aluminum smelting by consuming the low-grade coal while cogenerating, supplying and selling heat and power. With a heating area of 4.5 million m2, cogeneration plants have replaced more than 40 inefficient coal-fired small boilers supplying heat to residents in the Huolinhe region preventing air pollution caused by the boilers.

Storing energy in aluminum. Aluminum smelting transforms low-grade coal on site into energy that is effectively stored. The 810,000 t/y aluminum smelting capacity can store the energy of 10 million tons of lignite and 1 TWh of wind power into aluminum products.

Highly efficient utilization of clean energy by smart grid. With the goal of consuming all wind power, SPIC builds environment-friendly, economical, safe and reliable modernized smart grid, where peak load is regulated by thermal power plants along with the participation of aluminum load, while security and stability control, automatic dispatch, real-time monitoring and closedloop control system operate jointly. Up to date, wind power penetration rate in the smart grid has reached 38.25%, exceeding that of Denmark, which has the highest utilization ratio of renewable energy in the world.

Joint operation of coal, power, railways and ports. SPIC realized the joint operation of coal, power, railways and ports through eastern Inner Mongolia’s Tongliao–Huolinhe Railway, Chifeng–Daban–Baiyinhua Railway, Jinzhou–Chifeng Railway and auxiliary ports. Coal mining, transport and sales have been integrated and equilibrium has been achieved in both directions. The great passage for exporting the coal from eastern Inner Mongolia has been established with the flows of logistics, information and funds synchronized.

Huolinhe National Circular Economy Demonstration Industrial Cluster

SPIC holds national Grade A qualifications for power plant construction, supervision, commissioning, engineering design and overseas EPC contracting. Besides, SPIC is also capable of providing engineering consultancy and bidding agency services, as well as supervision in equipment manufacturing, building construction engineering, port and navigation projects, mechanical and electrical installation and petrochemical projects. SPIC creates an EPC management model focusing on the design, establishes and optimizes a project manage system complying with international standard and combining with advanced management concepts for nuclear power. SPIC is the EPC contractor for more than 160 thermal power units with a total capacity of over 57,000 MW.

Performance in domestic market
  • ·Technical modification of Jiugang Phase I and construction of Hongshen Phase II undertaken by SPIC won the National “Golden Key” Prize for engineering EPC.
  • ·Meizhou Bay 2 × 1,000 MW Project won China Project Management Achievement Award.
  • ·Banji 2 × 1,000 MW project broke the record of the longest operation days in the first operation of domestic 1,000 MW class units.
  • ·Hequ 2 × 350 MW Project is one of the first-batch units with supercritical 350 MW circulating fluidized system in the world.
  • ·Caojing Power Plant won one of the classic projects during the past 30 years and won the Gold Award for National Quality Engineering.
  • ·Pingdingshan and Guqiao Power Plants won the Gold Award for National Quality Engineering.
  • ·Kaifeng, Jingdezhen and Xinchang Power Plants won the Silver Award for National Quality Engineering。
  • ·Garbage incineration power plants in Wuhu, Qinghe, Shentou, Hechuan, Ganjinzi Dalian and Haikou (SPIC) won National Superior Quality Project Award。
  • ·Tianji, Baicheng and Yanshanhu Power Plants as well as Gongboxia, Heimifeng Hydro Power Plants won the Luban Prize of Chinese Architecture Engineering.
  • ·Twenty-four projects including Pingwei, Dabieshan, Wuhu and Wusu Power Plants won the National Superior Quality Award for Electric Power Engineering.
  • ·Unit 1 of Jingdezhen Power Plant established the benchmark for the construction period of 600 MW class units in China
  • ·SPIC was the EPC contractor for National Bio Energy’s Shanxian Biomass Power Project, the first agriculture and forestry biomass power project and biomass power demonstration project in China, which won the National Superior Engineering Design Award, “Silver Key” Award for National Quality Turn-key Projects, National Superior Quality of Electric Power Engineering Award, etc.
  • ..................
Pingdinshan Power Plant established the benchmark for the investment control of 1,000 MW class units in China.
Huadian Power International’s Laizhou Power Plant
Design and Consultancy

SPIC takes a leading position in the application of high-efficient coal-fired technologies in China, and holds the top-level design qualification in China, i。e。 Class A Comprehensive Engineering Design Qualification, covering all types of generator units, all parameter levels and engineering conditions of thermal power generation。 It possesses the capability of key technology research on 1,000 MW class ultra-supercritical units with high parameters as well as capabilities of planning and consulting, survey and design, technical modification and lifetime service。 It also has top-ranking technologies and profound experience in operation optimization of power stations, energy saving and consumption reduction, and in boosting ecological environment protection level。

  • ·2000: SPIC designed Phase II (2 × 300 MW) of Huaneng Weihai Power Plant, adopting staged layout to effectively protect land resources and reduce pollution, which was awarded the Gold Award for National Quality Engineering.
  • ·2004: SPIC co-designed Phase IV (2 × 1,000 MW) of Huadian Power International’s Zouxian Power Plant, one of the first 1,000 MW introduced technology localization projects and a National Key Construction Project in 2005. It was the coal-fired power unit with the largest single-unit capacity, the best economic and environmental performances at the time.
  • ·2007: SPIC completed the design of Phase I (2 × 660 MW) of CR Power Heze Domestic Supercritical Coalfired Power Plant.
  • ·2012: SPIC designed the largest thermal power plant in Xinjiang Autonomous Region and one of the first power transmission projects of “Outward Sending of Xinjinag Electricity: Shenhua Guoneng’s 4 × 660 MW Hami Supercritical Coal-fired Power Plant with air cooling technology.
  • ·2014: 2×1100WM ultra supercritical air cooling units of the Xinjiang Sixth Agricultural Division designed and put into operation by SPIC are air cooling units with the highest parameters and the largest single-unit capacity in the world. It was elected as China’s ten most important power news.
  • ·2016: No.6 unit of China Huaneng in Laiwu designed and put into operation by SPIC is the world's first secondary reheating 1,000 MW class ultrasupercritical coal-fired power generator set with a reheating temperature of 620℃ and a generation efficiency of 48.12%. The generation coal consumption is 255.29g/kWh and the coal consumption for electricity supply is 266.18g/kWh. The relating world records have been broken by the above parameters.
SPIC designed Phase I (2 × 1,000 MW) of Huadian Power International’s Laizhou Power Plant, which is China’s first smart zoology power plant with ultralow coal consumption less than 270g/kWh.
Transmission and transformation project design

江苏快3SPIC is the major designer of UHV grid in China and a primary technology supplier for State Grid Corporation of China with comprehensive design capabilities for power transmission and transformation in various areas such as highlands, plains and different voltages including UHV, EHV, HV and LV distribution projects。 SPIC undertook the design of China’s first ±1,100 kV, 1,000 kV UHVAC and ±800 kV UHVDC transmission lines and multiple 750 kV EHVAC, ±600 kV EHVDC, 500 kV EHVAC lines。 SPIC has designed a total of 22,000 km of 1,000 kV and lower voltage transmission lines。

  • ·SPIC designed 500 kV Laiyang Substation, which was China’s first 500 kV complete GIS substation, won the Gold Award for National Quality Engineering.
  • ·SPIC co-designed 500 kV East Line Transmission and Transformation Project in Shandong Province. The project won the Gold Medal of 10th National Quality Engineering Design Award.
  • ·500 kV Muping Substation designed by SPIC won Luban Prize in China’s architectural engineering industry。 As the very first one of its kind in the history of grid construction in Shandong, the project was awarded Classic Project of 35th Anniversary of China’s Reform and Opening Up。
  • ·SPIC designed the 800 kV Jinping–Sunan Transmission Line, which was one of the largest DC transmission projects with the highest transmission capacity and the longest transmission distance in the world。
  • ·SPIC participated in the R&D of the ±1,100 kV Huaidong–Huadong UHVDC Transmission and Transformation Project, the world’s record UHV transmission line with highest voltage, largest transmission capacity, and longest transmission distance, represents the highest level of the development of transmission technology in the world.
    Yuheng-Weifang 1000 KV Extra-high Voltage AC Transmission and Transformation Project co-designed by SPIC is one of China’s “12 key transmission passages for expediting the atmospheric pollution control action plan”.
  • ·SPIC participated in the 1,000 kV Huainan–Shanghai (transmitting power from Anhui Province to the eastern region) UHVAC Transmission Demonstration Project, which was the world’s first transmission project with AC double circuit transmission lines on the same tower and a landmark project for large-scale application of UHVAC technology. It has the highest load-carrying capacity in the world so far, incorporating the key points of the cutting-edge tower design technology and overcoming numerous technological difficulties.

    EPC of transmission and transformation projects: as the first one in China to set foot in EPC, SPIC undertook the first EPC project in the power industry. The service covers power, steel and iron, transport, railway engineering, etc. The total capacity of transmission and transformation involved in EPC projects exceeds 4000MVA and 500km in line length.
  • ·Power relocation and reconstruction of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (Shandong Section): The project was commenced in February 2009. Over 1200 power lines ranging from 220V to 500KV were relocated and reconstructed.
  • ·Power supply system reconstruction in Jiabei Recycling Economy Industry Park: The project was commenced in July 2012, located in Jiuquan, Gansu. It includes ten 330KV and lower grade substations; about 40 km 110KV and lower grade ransmission lines.
  • ·EPC project for relocation and reconstruction of extra-high voltage lines in the new airport in Weifang and Weifang-Rizhao Expressway. The total length of the line is 36.3km in which the length of ±660KV line is 1.5km and that of 500KV line is 34.8km.
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