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State Power Investment Corporation (SPIC), newly established through the merger of China Power Investment Corporation and State Nuclear Power Technology Corporation, is a large state-owned enterprise under the administration of the Central Government with a registered capital of RMB 45 billion an...

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Member Companies

48 second-tier member companies

8 branches

CPI East China Branch

CPI North China Branch

CPI Northwest Branch

CPI Hunan Branch

CPI Yunnan Branch

CPI Chongqing Branch

CPI Tibet Branch

CPI Material and Equipment Branch



37 wholly-owned subsidiaries and companies with controlling shares


CPI Northeast Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI South Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Henan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Jiangxi Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Hebei Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Jiangsu Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Sichuan Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Power Engineering Co., Ltd.

CPI Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

Jilin Energy and Transportation Co., Ltd.

CPI Yunnan International Power Investment Co., Ltd. 

CPI International Mineral & Investment Co., Ltd. 

CPI Guangxi Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. 

CPI Jilin Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Logistics Co., Ltd. 

CPI Ronghe Controlling Investment Co., Ltd.

CPI Science and Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd.

CPI Information & Technology Co., Ltd. (center)

Huanghe Hydropower Development Co., Ltd.

Wuling Electric Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Yuanda Environmental Protection (Group) Co., Ltd. (listed)

CPI Finance  Co., Ltd.

CPI Mengdong Energy Group Co., Ltd.

Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. (listed) 

CPI Ningxia Qingtongxia Energy and Aluminum Group Co., Ltd. 

CPI Guizhou Jinyuan Group Co., Ltd.

CPI Jiangxi Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

CPI Aluminum International Trading Co., Ltd.

CPI Xinjiang Energy & Chemical Industry Group Co., Ltd.

CPI Yili Energy & Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

CPI Mengxi Energy Co., Ltd.

Shijiazhuang Dongfang Energy Co., Ltd. (listed)

China Power United Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Technology Co., Ltd.


2 directly affiliated institutions

CPI Advanced Training Center

CPI Fund Management Center


1 50/50 joint venture

Liaoning Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co., Ltd.

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Mail add:P.O.Box 2201,Beijing,China Post code:100033
Tel:+86-10-66298000 Fax:+86-10-66298095
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