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SPIC and Tecnatom S.A. Signed a Strategic Cooperation Framework Agreement under the Witnessing of Heads of China and Spain
Source:NEWS CENTERWriter:Date:07/12/2018

On November 28, under the joint witnessing of President Xi Jinping and Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, Qian Zhimin, Chairman of the Board and Secretary of CPC Leadership Group of SPIC, signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Javier Guerra, the President of Tecnatom S.A., at the Moncloa Palace in Madrid, Spain. The agreement has further confirmed the cooperation intention of the two parties in the field of energy. According to the agreement, the two parties will conduct training and technical cooperation in the fields of nuclear power, conventional electricity, new energy, third-party market development, etc.


When meeting with Mr. Guerra before signing the agreement, Chairman Qian said that as Tecnatom S.A. was a high-tech innovative enterprise in the field of energy and it had strong complementarity to SPIC's businesses, we were of broad prospects for cooperation. After the signing of the agreement, Chairman Qian hoped that the two parties could conduct detailed discussions on specific cooperation contents and methods, and promote the implementation of the cooperation projects as soon as possible.

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