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Break through Key Technologies: China's Independent Development of Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Gains Ground
Source:NEWS CENTERWriter:Date:27/12/2018

On the morning of December 25, China's first level I turbine vane casting of 300MW/F class heavy duty gas turbine successfully passed the appraisal judged by 13 experts from special expert advisory committee of "two units", Dongfang Electric Corporation, Shanghai Electric Group Company Limited, Harbin Electric Corporation, University of Science and Technology Beijing, China National Machinery Industry Corporation and Fushun Special Steel. This marks China's solid step of breaking through foreign technology blockade on hot end core component and achieves the independent development of heavy duty gas turbine.

江苏快3At the appraisal meeting, the members of the expert group reached the consensuses that CLP Heavy Duty Gas Turbine Co., Ltd. ("CLP"), Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suvast Special Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. and other relevant units worked together and overcame difficulties, delivering not only a set of qualified physical blade but also a set of immobilized process system and quality assurance system, which laid a good foundation for the modular-design of turbine blade. As a result, they agreed to qualify the equipment for this appraisal.

Gas turbine, known as the "crown jewel" of the equipment manufacturing industry, represents the highest level of high-end manufacturing, but the core technology has been held by a few developed countries。 Although China's gas turbine development has gone through 50 years, we have simply mastered the manufacturing and assembly of heavy duty gas turbine's cold end components, but not the core technology of hot end components' design and manufacturing, and no independent research and development capability has been formed either。 The level I turbine vane is a typical hot end component of heavy duty gas turbine, and its core manufacturing technology has long been blocked by foreign countries。 CLP, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Suvast Special Alloy Technology Co。, Ltd。 and other relevant units worked together, overcoming several difficulties together and setting a number of records: China's first independent design of the large-scale level I vane of heavy duty gas turbine; China's first smelting of the level I vane master alloy with independent intellectual property rights, conquering the purification smelting technology; China's first independent casting of large-scale level I vane of heavy duty gas turbine, conquering the precision casting technology of large-scale complex blade。

Independent development of heavy duty gas turbine is of great strategic significance for China in becoming a strong manufacturing country, a strong technology country and achieving "Two Centenary Goals"。 The Party Central Committee and State Council attached great importance to the independent innovation of heavy duty gas turbine, officially starting implementing the special project of "two units" in 2015; China's 13th Five-Year Plan listed "two units" as the top of hundred major projects in 2016; central economic work conference emphasized that China would promote high-quality development of the manufacturing industry, and become a strong manufacturing country unswervingly in December 2018。 CLP, as a subsidiary unit of SPIC and the implementer of the "two units" special project heavy duty gas turbine engineering, undertakes the glorious mission of independently developing heavy duty gas turbine。 The automation of heavy duty gas turbine still has a long way to go。 CLP strives to build a collaborative innovation mechanism of the whole industrial chain and gather the strength of the whole country to overcome difficulties together, working hard to realize the dream of independent research and development of China's heavy duty gas turbine。

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